Cycling for the girls!

Hi! I'm Sophie, welcome to my page ;) 

My plan:
In February 2020 I will cycle 400 kilometers in 7 days through beautiful Guatemala to help build an equally beautiful future for the girls and young women there.

In Guatemala, girls and young women are often seen as inferior and there is a lot of sexual violence. With the extreme poverty in this country, these girls and young women find themselves struggling to get out of a vicious cycle.
They get married and become pregnant at a young age, dropping out of school and having decreased chances to develop properly and live a normal life.

And you?
You, too, can help by donating! Even the smallest amounts will help.

With your donations we can provide training and information campaigns about sexuality, contraception and the consequences of a pregnancy, so that these young people learn to become bosses over their own body and future. . 


So let's make a deal. I cycle, you donate, and together we help these girls towards a better future. Shall we?

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04 februari 2020 Luberon Parc - New Sponsor! What a generosity, what a timing! With only one day to go, Camping Luberon Parc proves once again how caring they are and donates €400 to Cycle for Plan! I had the pleasure of working with them for seven years, every summer, and have known them for almost thirteen years. Whether I stayed at their campsite on a holiday or as an employee, I always felt cared for and treated with such kindness, and I am honoured to still have their support to this day.   Un très grand merci à Aurélie, Dominique, Dominique et François! Thanks to your donation, the target amount of  €4000 is not only reached but even surpassed!!       Guatemala, here I come!!!
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Heel veel succes! Xx
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