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18 augustus 2020

English translation:


Naomi here! I am a 20-year old student, hopefully a future teacher, with a passion for education, traveling and human rights. And how lucky I am to have been born in the Netherlands, and have the chance to travel and get a good education! Unfortunately that is not the case everywhere...

I have always wanted to improve human rights all over the world. Right now I am hoping to contribute to that through Cycle for Plan. If I collect at least 4000 euros of donations for Plan International, I will go to Guatemala in March 2021 (if Corona lets me). Those 4000 euros will fully go to Plan International! I myself will pay for my flights, food, housing, bike etc. In Guatemala I will cycle 420 kilometers in 7 days.

Guatemala is a beautiful country to ride the bike, but help is very much needed: over 60% of the population live in poverty. Sexual abuse is very common. More than 50% of the girls in indigenous communities have children before they are twenty. Young mothers often quit school, if they were allowed to go to school in the first place, and thus stay poor.

Plan International will use the donations for training, education and raising awareness for sexuality, anticonception and the consequences of pregnancy, so that girls and young women get in control of their own body and future. They will also get the opportunity to finish a study, in order to find paid work more easily.

I want to do my best to give girls in Guatemala a better future. Will you help? Then donate a nice amount now! Grant them the opportunities that may be obvious and normal to you...

Thank you so much for reading this and I will keep you up-to-date about my plans!

If you would like to know more about what Plan International does, look here: https://www.planinternational.nl/

Or watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-ZZeE7C7uM

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Only love,

Naomi Meshulam

Cycle for Plan Guatemala